Friday, July 19, 2019


As was mentioned some time ago, the first Japanese vinyl toy (Alavaka) will retire this year. Check out a few shots of the painted colorway below. These go on sale in the webshop on July 20th. $70 each ONLY 1 PER CUSTOMER.

And so he retires, off into the sunset. The final painted run has an awesome summer vibe from head to toe. These Alavaka have been cast in opaque white Japanese vinyl and painted with shades of blue, green, red, brown, tan, black and metallic sprays. There is a single chase figure that has been cast in yellow vinyl and it will be sold at random. Comes with an assortment of vinyl stickers. Enjoy your rest my friend!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


The world tragically lost Scott Godon-Decoteau on October 10, 2018. There will never be another person who embraced the adventurous aspect of life more than he did. These toys are meant to embrace that spirit and have been done with love from one toynerd to another. Mixed parts make it possible for the full color pallet of his company to be present in each set. 100% of the proceeds from the sales will go directly to Scott's son. More info on a release date soon.

UPDATE: These will be in the webshop on July 20th
Here are a few sample images. Each toy/set is sold at random. Images shown are for example only. No two toys are exactly the same and you can not choose your colors.


Saturday, June 15, 2019


In the spirit of good karma and philanthropy, a series of 3 different color Jizo-Anarcho's will go on sale via the Dharma Brigade (IG and SHOP) starting with the light grey version. By the time this post goes live it looks like all the Dharma Brigade stock has sold so please grab one from the DHP webshop. Two more colors will follow soon after the light greys have sold out.

100% of the profits from these Jizo's will go toward providing scholarships for meditation retreats for those who cannot afford it. Do some good today and pick one up. As a friendly refresher here is the story of Jozo-Anarcho:

It has been told in ancient Japan that the souls of children who die prematurely are sent to the underworld as punishment for causing great sorrow to their parents. They reside at Sai no Kawara, the river of souls in purgatory, where they pray for Buddha's compassion while building small stone towers that signify the weight of their loss on their parents.

But underworld demons, answering to the command of the old hag Shozuka no Baba, surprise the children each day, scatter their stone towers and beat them mercilessly with iron clubs. It is the renegade Bodhisattva, Jizo-Anarcho who comes to their rescue by befriending the children and hiding them in the sleeves of his robe from the demons when they next arrive.

The evil attacks of Shozuka no Baba and her disciples come to an end when Jizo-Anarcho confronts them and easily parrys every single blow they try to cast upon him. Exhausted from their attacks, Shozuka no Baba and her minions fall to their knees in frustrated defeat. The compassion and friendship provided by Jizo-Anarcho liberates the souls of the children and they are set free as is the grief of their mourning parents. This toy immortalizes the final message sent by Jizo-Anarcho to Shozuka no Baba and her demons as he leaves the banks of Sai no Kawara. With punk rock compassion he turns over his shoulder as he walks away, raises his finger and says…”You are evil and miserable because you are captives of your own ill will. Fuck off and live! May all beings be free.”

Friday, May 31, 2019


Joe has painted up some Apalala for Five Points Fest. Pink base vinyl with beautiful tones of gold, silver, metallic blue, metallic orange, black and cream. Go pick one up if you are in Brooklyn this weekend (June 1-2). Thanks Joe!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Long time toynerdfriend, painter and fellow collector Hellopike has done it again. This time Apalala has received a more "traditional" Japanese makeover. Rooted in the early days of kaiju, almost no detailing was done via paintbrush on this run and all of the beauty has come to life with airbrush sprays. White vinyl covered in metallic red, gold, silver and black sprays make this colorway a real stunner. There is a 1/1 chase version that will be sold at random with the same color palette done on a GID vinyl base. Each toy comes with an clear red vinyl with gold glitter Alavaka dorje omake to make this release even more special. Available May 11 in the webshop. $130 each.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


Going real old school with this post. Every so often I'm asked about lyrics to AFTeRSHOCK songs so I thought I'd do something cool. Remember when you had to buy things in the mail via magazine ads or catalogs? Remember the days of SASE and sending cash for stickers? I have a bunch of booklets left from the US version of the Propaganda cd set so if you want one...send me $2 in the mail to cover the card sized envelope and postage and I'll send one out to you with a random sticker or two. Just mail the cash to the DHP address below. VIVA LA LINER NOTES!!!

Devils Head Productions Inc
155 Meadowbrook Ave
West Springfield, MA 01089

Saturday, March 9, 2019


The Kaiju Cult show opens April 20th in Atlanta. DHP will have some pieces in the show including some brand new 1 offs. Check out the pics below. If you are in the area be sure to swing by. If you aren't close by you can still follow all the action via their socials.

IG/FB: kaijucult

UPDATE: Apalala sold at the show (THANK YOU) and the others will go up for sale via kaiju cult soon. I'll try to post info when they do.