Sunday, April 23, 2017

MY WAR - (featuring Toby-AFTeRSHOCK & Michiel-Manliftingbanner)

The spirit of international hardcore lives! Last year I was asked to contribute some vocals for Italian hardcore's .right in sight. and while I didn't double up my traditional high and low banter for my part it was fun to channel some Rollins attitude to deliver the spoken lines and end on a screamed exclamation point! Check out the link to the .right in sight. homepage below and the song as well...BOOM!

.right in sight.


Friday, February 10, 2017


February 14th is Valentine's Day and we will have 2 new unpainted releases in the webshop. Look for two new firsts for DHP...the first webshop Apalala release and the first "uncut/billiken kit" style release for both Apalala and Jizo-Anarcho. Set your alarm clock and get ready...BOOM!


Thursday, February 2, 2017


This is a blast from the past post for all the music fans out there. My old band AFTeRSHOCK was asked to take part in helping the ONE HUNDRED FOR HAITI project. You can find out more details on their WEBSITE but bottom line is they help create and support long-term social development and human rights programs related to water safety and sexual assault prevention in rural Haiti. Heather gray shirts with the design below will be printed up soon and 100% of the profits go to the cause. This is the first NEW AFTeRSHOCK merch to be available since our Japanese reunion tour in 2001.

Look for the shirt to go live on March 15th, 2017 HERE. I will update this post with all the exact details once I know so look for that red UPDATE below. I urge you to BUY ONE and not only will you be supporting a GREAT CAUSE you will also be helping yourself add to the charitable donations write off you can claim at the end of the tax year!

UPDATE: Details received and incorporated into this post. The shirt will be available to purchase for 2 weeks only (March 15th - 30th). Go grab one, or two, or three to help support a great cause.

UPDATE 2: After a few bumps in the road at launch the shirt is now up and available for preorder. It says "SOLD OUT" but fear not you can select your size and place you preorder just like all other Merch-Hub One Hundred For Haiti shirts.

Monday, January 9, 2017


From the Lulubell blog:

Ichi (meaning ONE in Japanese) celebrates not only the opening of our new location, but our 10 year anniversary! We will be opening our new back gallery for the first time this evening with a celebration of toys & art from some of the amazing people we've been lucky enough to work with over the last ten years!

Artists include: James Groman, Splurrt, Miscreation Toys, Bwana Spoons, Grody Shogun, Real x Head, Itokin Park, Yamomark, Candie Bolton, Devils Head Productions, Blurble One, Dski One, Aaron Coleman, Mikey Saratt, Mark Matlock, Such Syles, Champ Styles, Evil Dave, Copasquat Toys, Kevin Herdeman, Planet 3 Toys, DoubleParlour, Shirahama Toy, Kill!, Boon Velvet, Whistling Pony Toys, DreamRocket and more to be announced soon... Check back often!

The exhibit will open at 7pm on the 13th of January and all pieces will be up for sale at that time. Any unsold pieces will go up for sale online on Tuesday, January 17th on the Lulubell site

There will be 3 one off painted pieces in the ICHI show.  1 Alavaka and 2 Jizo-Anarcho's. Pictures of those pieces below.

Due to inclement weather in the Northwest, and customs delays, about half of our show pieces are arriving late, so we are pushing the show opening date back a week. We apologize for the postponement, but we really want to share ALL the amazing pieces with you!!!

All 3 pieces sold so THANK YOU to those who bought them and helped support both DHP and Lulubell...BOOM!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I did a lot of painting over the holiday break that included all 3 of the Japanese sculpts I have made. One of the more noteworthy sessions was done on some sapphire Apalala. This means half of "The Rising" are done and the other half (done on marbled blue/gid vinyl) were started. No release date has been set for "The Rising" but this will be a webshop drop and is the first official painted Apalala release. Keep you eyes peeled here as I will update this post with more info on "The Rising" as it happens. Until then enjoy the teaser...

UPDATE March 5th 2017: Just need to do a few finishing touches and bag these guys up. Probably an April release. Used the same color paints on both the sapphire and blue/gid marble base vinyl. Sapphire have red accent and blue/gid have green. Each base vinyl has a blood splattered leader. Get ready...

UPDATE April 15th 2017: Bagged and tagged and ready to go. These will be a webshop release on April 22nd.

UPDATE April 23rd 2017: SOLD OUT in a couple hours...THANK YOU!