Tuesday, December 23, 2014


As mentioned previously HERE and HERE a gacha gacha sofubi set of minis will be out sometime next year in conjunction with Toy Art Gallery. This post will break down the "figures" included in the set one by one.

Up first is the mini Alavaka. Alavaka was the first sofubi toy done by DHP and recently has seen a new head sculpt to represent his post demonic, Bodhisattva state of being. The mini Alavaka is meant to capture the moment he fell into great introspective thought and transformed into a devout disciple of the Buddha. I tried to boil the sculpt for the first time to harden the clay and it left it quite discolored and in a way visually unpleasant. The wax should look much better and obviously the final pieces should look much much better as well. But until that time you can check it out below.

Up next...the Naree Pon. According to Thai legend the Naree Pon appeared as beautiful women while the Buddha was meditating. After failing to pull Buddha away from his practice these humanoid pod forms were found left behind on a nearby tree.

Next in line is the omeye. A serpentine hand with its thumb and pointer fingers positioned in a reflective state that cradles it’s own eye. A beast that roams the earth and grumbles the sound \ˈōm\ as it searches for an answer on ultimate reality.

The skower...part skull...part lotus flower. For buddhists, the lotus flower represents purity of body, mind, and spirit. In buddhist art, the lotus is often depicted with 8 petals symbolizing the eightfold path, a core tenet of the buddhist philosophy. While there are more than 8 petals in this sculpt the overarching theme is still there. Discover the eightfold path before death consumes.

Mini Jizo-anarcho.

The bodhidarma head.
I will slowly post the others soon so keep checking back.

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