Thursday, June 4, 2015


So I'm on a two week business trip to Europe and while I'm homesick for my girls and family I am excited to see some new stuff, visit Germany for the first time and hang with a super awesome music/toynerd friend. The photo diary starts now.

Worked late one night and this guy took a brickbath in the pooloutside reception.

Then we hit the Minecraft diorama over at the Idea House

LEGOLand Billund

Then off to Germany to hang with this guy
Who lives near this...
...and owns this...
...and rides these...
...but not on the autobahn with these guys.
We went to visit a hxc-metalnerd/toynerd friend out in the countryside
but made a pitstop on the way to look at some cars and motorcycles.
Then it was off to see the dentist...Jan. Obviously this is how he greats every patient each day. Brothers in metal we salute you and your teeth!
He cooked us a great meal, the music went on and the inner nerd was unleashed! We looked at a SHIT TON of toys, records, prints, books, tshirts, original art, hxc flyers, etc, etc. Jan has more stuff than you could ever imagine! It was hours and hours of hxc/metal/jptoy geekery!
Then the tournament started on this baby...
...and before you knew it it was almost 1 AM so with a punch to the face we said goodnight.
The next morning it was breakfast, a bike ride and then back to DK. It amazes me that 26+ years after my life was branded forever by the youthful spirit of the punk hxc community, the underlying ethics of rebellion, family and change still live on. A huge thank you to Micha, Joleene, Peri, Gizem and Jan for opening their home(s) to me and keeping the spirit alive. HARDCORE TOY NOT DEAD! \../
I also leave behind the best office coffee ever and some great colleagues who made my stay a lot easier. Until next time...

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