Monday, January 9, 2017


From the Lulubell blog:

Ichi (meaning ONE in Japanese) celebrates not only the opening of our new location, but our 10 year anniversary! We will be opening our new back gallery for the first time this evening with a celebration of toys & art from some of the amazing people we've been lucky enough to work with over the last ten years!

Artists include: James Groman, Splurrt, Miscreation Toys, Bwana Spoons, Grody Shogun, Real x Head, Itokin Park, Yamomark, Candie Bolton, Devils Head Productions, Blurble One, Dski One, Aaron Coleman, Mikey Saratt, Mark Matlock, Such Syles, Champ Styles, Evil Dave, Copasquat Toys, Kevin Herdeman, Planet 3 Toys, DoubleParlour, Shirahama Toy, Kill!, Boon Velvet, Whistling Pony Toys, DreamRocket and more to be announced soon... Check back often!

The exhibit will open at 7pm on the 13th of January and all pieces will be up for sale at that time. Any unsold pieces will go up for sale online on Tuesday, January 17th on the Lulubell site

There will be 3 one off painted pieces in the ICHI show.  1 Alavaka and 2 Jizo-Anarcho's. Pictures of those pieces below.

Due to inclement weather in the Northwest, and customs delays, about half of our show pieces are arriving late, so we are pushing the show opening date back a week. We apologize for the postponement, but we really want to share ALL the amazing pieces with you!!!

All 3 pieces sold so THANK YOU to those who bought them and helped support both DHP and Lulubell...BOOM!

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