Saturday, February 10, 2018


DHP will have a bunch of stuff featured in the Monstrosities show next month. If you are in the NYC area please swing by, check it out and buy some toys! One offs, microruns, mashups and collaborations. Check back to this thread real soon for an update with images of the DHP submissions painted by Toby. Until's the invite.

These ship of to NYC this week. I didn't have time to take really good photos but you get the idea...

Metallic Blush Jizo-Anarcho

Bittersweet Treat Alavaka

Top Feeder Apalala

Blushing Evil Apalala

Silver Glow Mixed Parts Apalala

Glow Silver Mixed Parts Apalala

Group Shot

Huge thanks to Brian (Guumon) for including me in the show. DHP has done some awesome collaborations over the past few months and that work continued on at this show with some amazing 1 offs by Brian. Check a few of them out below.

Check out a write up on the show by CoART magazine HERE

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