Saturday, February 14, 2015

DICHOTOMY - Doublethink Group Show @ TAG

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “DICHOTOMY”, a Doublethink Group Show. 40+ artists channel their inner undead doppelganger and customize the DOUBLETHINK soft vinyl figure created and sculpted by Takahiro Komuro (TKOM) and produced by TAG!

DICHOTOMY features the following artists:

Ardabus Rubber, Blurbleone, Bob Conge / Plaseebo, Butch Adams, Candie Bolton, David Arshawsky, Deeten, Devils Headquarters, Draculazer, DTOES, George Gaspar, Goreilla, Goto-San, Guumon, Joe Whiteford, Johan Ulrich, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Joseph Harmon, Josh Herbolsheimer, Kenth Toy Works, KTO, Le Merde, Macsorro, Martin Ontiveros, Miscreation Toys, MMToys, Monsterisland, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Okokume, Rampage Toys, Scarecrowoven, Sexualyoukai, SkullToys, Splurrt, TKOM, Todd Robertson, Topheroy, Uamou, and more!

Please join us for the exhibit opening on Saturday, February 21st from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

DICHOTOMY runs through March 14th.

The participating artists were sent a blank flesh Doublethink figure. Some shots of mine below:

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Valentine's Day...a time for love and Devil's Head Productions will be spreading the love. Unpainted Alavaka will be released in blind bag fashion on Valentine's Day via the DHP webstore. Each blindbag will contain an unpainted version of Alavaka with the debut of the Bodhisattva head making an appearance in a few of the bags. There are 7 possible colors so try your luck and see what you get...BOOM!