Friday, April 29, 2016


It looks like we have tapped into a signature theme for DHP toy releases...The Nordic Legion. Release date info will appear HERE in a week or so. Until that time enjoy the info and images below.

As a follow up to the popular original release a few more Nordic Legion themed Alavaka will be making their way to the DHP webshop soon. This time it appears there was some sort of hemorrhage or clot that was resolved by flame. Stay tuned for details and release info.

A cold wind blows across the barren Norwegian countryside. The cackle of crows echoes through skeletal trees. Pale figures don robes of glass as their eyes and mouths recede into shadow. No words are uttered as crimson letters are scribed across the oath of the damned. Flames rise and subside. We are three. Clear vinyl with black, red, white and metalic red paints. Charred brown gemstone eyes. Comes with "heart" guts and stick bale accessory. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. Also includes a copy of The Plagues "Epidemic" cd which was Devils Head Records number fourteen. *NOTE: While The Plague was NOT a Norwegian black metal band you can hear cues to the original Nordic Legion in both their lyrics and music.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The molds have found their new home in Japan and a request for some new color pulls are in. It usually takes a bit of time so not sure when I will have them but at least I know they will come. YES! Hang tight...PINK is on the way!

UPDATE: As of May 2 2016 we have confirmation the PINK has been pulled. Stay tuned for pics and a super special offer right here. BOOM!

UPDATE: The eagle has your inbox soon for offer details and watch this post for more photo updates!
A new and very experienced vendor in Japan has taken control of the DHP sofubi and his first pulls are amazing. A hot neon pink punches your eyeballs hard as hell...and has jet black glass eyes to cool is that? A painted version of this vinyl may be done sometime in the future but these unpainted versions will not be offered again.

You will need to prepay for this release and all you need to do is email by May 31st saying "I'm in!" along with your paypal email and an invoice will be sent. You will have until June 18th to pay the invoice and any payments received after that date will be refunded and the offer becomes null and void. The price is $70.00 ppd inside the USA and you will get both a standard Alavaka and Bodhisattva head. If you love unpainted vinyl...don't snooze. This release looks amazing! BOOM!

******P.S. If you live outside the USA Please send your shipping address when you reply so I can calculate the exact Priority Shipping fee. I usually do a blanket global fee but this is a special release and it may end up saving you some money with the exact cost.

UPDATE: So a few pink/black marbled made it into the wild with this release. Here is what it looks like when you mix it up!