Friday, September 30, 2016


3 one off Alavaka Bodhisattva and an unpainted black Dorje will go up for sale in the webshop on Monday October 3rd at 12 noon EDT. Good luck!


Sunday, September 25, 2016


I recently went over to Europe for a split business/pleasure trip. It started off with a shoot for the next NINJAGO tv commercial (I am currently working on that line at LEGO - my day job) and transitioned to a trip to Paris with my awesome/beautiful new wife on our honeymoon. To follow is a few shots of some of the adventures that took place with the toys that hopped in my suitcase.

Ever wonder what the set of a LEGO commercial looks like...well you are going to have to keep wondering as I can't share pics yet since the product won't be out until 2017 :(

Had some awesome coffee while in Aarhus this time around on the recommendation from the lead model designer on the NINJAGO project. If you are ever there go check them out:

On the way to dinner one night in Aarhus did a small impromptu photoshoot with some NINJAGO minifigures and a WU-CRU sticker. Google it if you need more info :)

We then hit Paris for fun and adventure. We did a lot of traditional tourist stuff but also went off the beaten path a bit. Here are a few tourist shots that include Notre Dame, the Catacombs and more.

And of course we hit Disneyland Paris.

Awesome trip...BOOM!