Saturday, October 26, 2019


As mentioned a LONG LONG time ago both here and here, a new monstrous DHP toy has been in the works for quite some time. It was tossed back and forth between a couple vendors in Japan. The original 3D cast was destroyed as one of the vendors tried to smooth out the rough "banded" surface that is sometimes the result of a 3D printed sculpture.

A new 3D print was purchased in hopes of a smother output. Unfortunately a few small parts broke off of the crown in transit from CA back to MA. I decided to embrace the bad news and just go with the though that the crawn was "battle damaged". After a few coats of primer and some sanding, the new printed master sculpt looked workable. Once again it was sent to Japan.

A new vendor took a look at the sculpt and said it still had some issues. Because it was 3D printed there were some gaps and divots that would be quite problematic if the sculpt was to be made in soft vinyl. He graciously stepped into the challenge of fixing the sculpt and it looks like we have FINALLY landed in a good place. He even fixed the damaged crown.

So look for Mara to make her debut sometime in 2020. If I have learned one thing in this world of making soft vinyl toys in Japan, its BE PATIENT. Good things come to those who wait and I'm stoked that we should be at the stage of making wax and molds by the end of this year. BOOM!

Wax is DONE! Molds should be ready in early 2020 so get ready for some AWESOME toys! Special offer for folks who are on the DHP mailing list coming to their inboxes soon.