Wednesday, April 25, 2018


So the new Avengers movie comes out this Friday (April 27th) and while I've kindda reached my fill of super hero content, who doesn't love a good classic hulk tribute colorway. A gritty, dirty purple paint rub is featured here and it has been glossed over with clear sprays of green and purple complimented by subtle metallic sprays. Of course there is a battle damaged 1 off chase that will ship at random. The chase features some dark areas of bruising splattered by sprays of blood from Jizo's pummeled victims. Hit up the DHP webshop this Friday to grab one.

Friday, April 6, 2018


Excited to say that the one and only rainbowmaster, Bwana Spoons laid some paint down on a bunch of Alavaka and Jizo-Anarcho. Super fun colors and sprays as only Bwana could do. As a fun bonus, each one comes with a signed and numbered b/w mini print featuring Alavaka and Jizo-Anarcho. Check out Bwana's webshop HERE to grab one.