Wednesday, September 26, 2018


A lyric video for AFTeRSHOCK’s Jabberwocky is on YouTube. If you’ve ever wondered what the words under all that noise are, just hit play below.

Sunday, September 2, 2018


DHP is excited to announce another collaboration with DSKI ONE. This time Alavaka wanders the deserts outside of Mesa, AZ as he looks for the perfect spot to sit and reflect. The Vanaprastha aim to give up worldly life and such is the way for Alavaka as the sculpt prepares for retirement this year. See below for official Lulubell press release.

 "Alavaka Vanaprastha" is a new micro run of Alavaka by Devils Head Productions, painted by Dski One. This release marks the start of journey to the bodhi tree for a long rest for Alavaka, who made his debut back in 2013. Alavaka will be making a few last appearances in Fall of 2018 before resting undisturbed and contemplating his future for some time. In the meantime, Devils Head Productions has two new sculpts in the works for the future, and fan favorites Apalala and Jizo-Anarcho will continue on their material journey with new releases planned for the near future.

In Sanskrit, Vanaprastha is the stage of life and process of giving up the worldly and more material aspect of life, transitioning one's efforts into that of a greater emphasis on spiritual pursuits. Alavaka Vanaprastha is a micro run featuring a ghostly, milky white base vinyl painted with orange, magenta, green, blue and purple sprays with hand painted detailing. Hand poured resin eyes and a lotus flower add a beautiful final touch as he offers his peaceful farewell to this stage of his journey.

Sold blind, with  2 GID vinyl chase figures possible in this micro run. Each toy comes with the standard body and both heads. Dski One pulled this color pallet from the common depictions of the Hindu lord Vishnu. Alavaka Vanaprastha ascends exclusively into Lulubell's online store this Friday, September 7th at Noon Pacific Time (7pm GMT). $80 + shipping, includes alternate head. (Photos by Robert Howell/Manic Images)