Saturday, December 5, 2020


A bunch of new toy releases will hit the webshop on New Year's Day. Things that sparkle, things that glow and an all new golden general to lead his sentai into battle!


A message from AdamD..."2020 can suck it! Fuck that year!" But that sharp, snark remark was followed by some glowing optimism. "2021 is going to be a golden year! I promise to rise from the ash of 2020 and return to the stage to stomp on frowns, pound many a brew and mosh!" So fear not...your hero has returned. To celebrate this shiny new year of metal this AdamD figure has been cast in GID vinyl embedded with gold glitter. Bright and shiny gold paint spray highlight his features to illuminate his rally cry. $30...made in Japan, painted in the USA. Not intended for children under 14 years old.


It's twins for the blue year (but they aren't identical). Cast in either electric blue GID vinyl infused with glitter or clear vinyl with blue and silver glitter, these monks of punk have been painted up with hits of various shades of opaque blue, white, silver and metallic blue paints. The devil is in the details and each one has been finished off with a neon dot (green, pink, orange and yellow) on the front of their robes. Sold at random so you won't know what color dot you get until you receive it. Made in Japan...painted in the USA. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $30 each.


Wait...more twins? Yep, and once again these aren't identical. The core of each figure (head, torso and tail) is either electric blue GID vinyl infused with glitter OR clear vinyl infused with blue/silver glitter while the arms/legs are the other color vinyl making these blue mash up monster twins. Each figure has been painted the same way over top the mixed vinyl bodies with hits of greens, blues, pink, red, silver, and other metallic paints. Green twine wraps on the hands finish them off. Direct sunlight for 10 minutes or so charges up the GID parts to glow for hours! $100 each...made in Japan...painted in the USA. Not intended for children under 14 years old.

Thursday, October 29, 2020


 October 31st hit the webshop and grab some toys!


The one and only "drunk animal - beer monster" finally makes his debut. It looks like our hero mixed a bit too much candy and beer in preparation for his big day, resulting in a bit of a mess. Cast in green GID (glow in the dark) with gold glitter marbled with bubblegum pink vinyl these are definitely sickly sweet. LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER. ANY ORDERS FOR MORE THAN 1 WILL BE CANCELED. $30 each...made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.


I found a small batch of these minty green vinyl with green glitter blanks buried in a box. They have been brought back to life with green, white, blue and brown paint just in time for Halloween. $30 each...made in Japan...painted in the USA. Not intended for children under 14 years old.


Cast in electric blue vinyl infused with glitter, these monsters have been painted up with hits of orange, navy, grey/blue, silver, metallic blue, metallic green, tan and white paints. Get one of these in direct sunlight for 10 minutes or so, then watch it glow for hours! $100 each...made in Japan...painted in the USA. Not intended for children under 14 years old. *NOTE: As a SPECIAL BONUS for you unpainted fans, there will 2 blanks with orange glass eyes also available. These are sure to go fast.

Monday, October 5, 2020


The AdamD sofubi toy will make it's debut this October 31st. What do you get when you mix too much candy and too much beer? Halloween vomit of course...and here it is! These marbled vinyl "beauties" ship from Japan next week. An email blast with more details around the release will go out to the mailing list the last week of October. 

Friday, August 28, 2020


Finishing up the “blue” lineup of Mara’s the Glitterbomb! There is a ONE WEEK PREORDER August 23rd - August 30th)unless they sell out before that. I expect orders to ship in late Sept. Painted with metallic red, metallic blue, clear blue, grey, black, red, tan and copper paints. Plus...there are surprise "guts" inside for you to discover. Ultra limited unpainted version available too.


Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Find your peace amongst the anarchy. DHP x The Devils Kaiju present the Cosmic Llama. This version of the Jizo-Anarcho sculpt has been done as an homage to Padmasambhava, who some choose to call the "second Buddha". Cast in blue GID vinyl with glitter, gold, red, yellow, black and orange paints have been applied along with some meticulous brushwork. These trippy dudes go on sale @ this Saturday (August 1st) at 9AM PCT. $40 each...made in Japan...painted in the USA.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


The mold is DONE and that means the first pulls should be on their way soon. Hoping to have them by the end of August so keep your eyes peeled for your newest favorite hero to fly into your town.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


The day (or in this case the week) has FINALLY arrived! The first official Mara release is here. But there's a's time to try something different and this release will be a preorder. These toys are a beast to prep with them being 11 pieces total. I thought a preorder would be a fun way to take orders as I trim some vinyl flash and get them ready for a bath before paint. Electric blue vinyl has been infused with glitter and these will be adorned in orange, navy, grey/blue, silver, metallic blue, metallic green and white paints. A killer color combo for it's debut showing. The preorder will be up for ONE WEEK ONLY (July 3rd - July 10th unless they sell out) and I expect them to ship by early August. Price is $100 each. For those of you who love unpainted vinyl...there may be a small amount of the "naked version" available in the shop as well. So this weekend, head on over to and grab the new hotness!

Oh and here's a refresher on the backstory of the character:

Mara was known as the lord of death. He thrived on suffering and his power grew as he reveled in it. He wove himself into every aspect of human existence by wielding the power to withhold the knowledge of truth. He used violence, deception, manipulation, disguise, and threats. He overwhelmed and consumed people. He used all kinds of deception and lies to undermine stability while causing confusion and fear. Mara symbolizes everything that is ugly in this human world.
One day Mara heard of a young man who was looking to break free from the pain filled existence Mara thrived in. Siddhartha was a seeker of the truth and sought enlightenment through deep meditative practice. Upon hearing this, Mara sought him out with only one objective. Siddhartha must die.

Mara’s journey ended with him finding Siddhartha beneath a bodhi tree. Siddhartha was lost deep in thought until Mara screamed with vile breath “It’s time for you to die young brahman!” Siddhartha opened his eyes to say, “I do not believe it is”, and then gently closed them once more. Mara’s most powerful weapon is sustaining an environment of fear that eats away at the mind of his opponent. Fear can take many forms. Its source can be rooted in anything. From vanity to famine, from plague to war, from greed to terrorism. The more personal the fear, the tighter the knot becomes as Mara tugs on the strings that entwine his victim. In this instance Mara chose to lead with primal violence as a source of fear.

Mara began his attack on Siddhartha with a series of fervent blows and threats. They continued for three days straight. Thunderstorms shook the earth and howling winds drove the rain at a frenzied pace. All the while, without a single word, Siddhartha parried each of Mara’s advances. The only sound he heard was the mantra running through his mind.
Enraged by Siddhartha’s ability to evade and escape all of his vicious taunts and attacks, Mara burst into flames. He transformed in and out of human and nonhuman forms that were both beautiful and grotesque. Suddenly, from the center of the fireball, three beautiful women emerged. They walked toward Siddhartha and began to dance around him as they whispered and sang in his ears. Their hands caressed his body as they swirled around him leaving a beautiful trail of light. Sultry and beautiful words filled the air as they wove themselves together to form blissful songs of sheer joy. Everything went dark around them and it seemed as if nothing else existed beyond these wondrous and beautiful sights and sounds. Again, Siddhartha remained steadfast in his practice. The three women vaporized into trails of smoke that twisted into a black mound that landed in front of Siddhartha.

The mound began to shake and scream as it transformed into a hideous and demonic creature. When it finally rose, horns wrapped the sides of Mara’s ugly, swollen head. Fangs dangled from a snarling jaw and three eyes burned a fiery red in the center of its face. Four breasts and four arms composed a huge and powerful torso while ugly clawed toes curled from massive, sturdy feet at the base of two weighty and scarred legs. Mara lunged at Siddhartha snarling evil sounds and swinging its massive arms, but it did not advance. It was trapped in place as if it was chained to the ground. Once more this continued for 3 days straight. All the while Mara could not move toward Siddhartha and Siddhartha remained at peace.

At the end of the third day, Mara’s tormented howls of anger and frustration faded away only to be heard echoing through its own repulsive head. Its physical form also faded into an apparitional state leaving it a prisoner trapped in a world of sorrow, terror and fear it once reigned over. Slowly, nature spoke once more. The babbling brook began to laugh, and the birds began to beckon other creatures out of hiding. The warm glow of a sunrise kissed Siddhartha’s face. He took only a moment to smile and inhale deeply before returning to his practice beneath the bodhi tree.

Sunday, June 7, 2020


I had one extra blank left of the Mara "exclusive buy in" preorders that I added a bit of paint to. This baby is blue GID too. Look for instructions on how to bid/enter the lotto on IG. Please consider donating a few bucks. It's only $5 to enter and each entry gets you another chance to win. AT LEAST sign the petition to support the cause in this very important time in history. We Are Done Dying

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


This Saturday, May 23rd, two new painted Jizo-Anarchos will drop in the webshop. We will also feature a 48 hour flash sale in an effort to clear out some of the past releases that have 1 or two lonely pieces hanging out in the shop. Select pieces will be PRICED TO MOVE (from 30 to 40+ % off) and if they don't sell they will be retired. They will come out again (back at full retail price) ONLY AT IN PERSON events in the future.



Monday, May 18, 2020


For those of you who helped bring this monster to life...THANK YOU! The long wait is now over and the first run exclusive Mara toys will ship this week. Dennis (Shirahama) killed it with these pulls. Blue GID vinyl with blue and silver are at core of the toy while clear vinyl with  blue and silver glitter make up the outer extremities. The face is the only thing that has been painted. Silver, blue, red, black and copper paints bring the features to life and make this a real stunner in bright light or the dark of night. A painted run on the blue GID vinyl is up next. Thank you again for your patience.

Thursday, April 23, 2020


"For Whom the Bell Glows" Look for this micro release to land in Bwana's WEBSHOP tomorrow (April 24th) at 10 AM Pacific.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Rooted in the history and tradition of Japanese superheroes like Ultraman and Kamen Rider, 酔 獣 will soon take flight. This summer/fall, armed with the power of positivity, the drunk animal (or beer monster) will be unleashed on the world to take down anyone and everyone with a negative attitude.

Look for 酔 獣 to make his debut in the later half of 2020. These toys will be made in Japan using the same soft vinyl production process as all of our other sofubi toys. Godzilla (or Gojira as they say in the native tongue) had nothing on Adam D. *sculpture used to make molds for the toy shown below

Thursday, March 12, 2020


While there won't be a standard release for St Patrick's Day there will be a couple micro releases hitting the web shop.

Assemble or choose!!!! These marbled GID and army green Apalala were poured by Hirota 2 years ago and I still haven't decided on a color scheme to paint them up for official release. Shame on me! LIMITED TO ONLY 2 PIECES these come boxed up with a bunch of stickers and a lime green write up of the Apalala story. $100 each.

Again, LIMITED TO ONLY 2 PIECES these pours highlight the GID aspect with the mohawk part of the sculpt being featured as GID. Was there a certain technique used by Hirota or just plain luck? You decide. $30 each.

A 1 off hand painted cyclops that has been aptly named the "Death Rattle". A few small bits of vinyl have been left inside so when you shake him he lets loose with his signature sound. Cast in brown vinyl this guy has been painted up with lavender, metallic purple, pink, gold, tan, black, red, blue and clear yellow. $130.