Monday, February 15, 2016


I had the day off of work today and decided to paint up the final batch of Alavaka I had lying around. This is the last official release until I am able to transfer the molds to a new vendor in Japan. Hopefully once that happens I should get product at a more rapid pace than previously was the case. Until then...some teaser shots of "The Nordic Legion".

Coming Soon...

A cold wind blows across the barren Norwegian countryside. The cackle of crows echoes through skeletal trees. Pale figures don robes of glass as their eyes and mouths recede into shadow. No words are uttered as crimson letters are scribed across the oath of the damned. We are six.

03.05.15 SOLD OUT - THANK YOU!
These sold out in about a minute, crazy fast. I never know what the demand on a colorway will be until after it has been released and unfortunately I now know I could have done a run of 30+ on these. Just so people know I did not respond to ANY requests for a specific time on the release. I wanted it to be fair for everyone. I know it can be frustrating to have to sit and refresh waiting but it would have been the same scenario even if I did announce the time seeing that there was only 6 pieces to this release. I hope everyone understands and can still have fun with future releases of Alavaka. Everyone misses something at some point. We have ALL been there, including me.
- Namaste guys!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The sculpt landed in Japan and needs a bit of work but hopefully will make it to wax within the next month or so...patience...patience...

Until then enjoy this song that sums him up in that oh so metal way...