Friday, May 27, 2016


Ever since I was a teenager I have had a fascination with the darker side of the human psyche. I became infatuated with the story of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Today a new theatrical version of that story comes out and I am excited to see it.

At the risk of bordering on narcissism, the film release reminded me that about 17 years ago I wrote a concept album around the story of Through the Looking Glass while I was in the band AFTeRSHOCK. It summarizes the story by Lewis Carroll into 9 tracks. I decided to listen to it again today while I was at work and it actually still holds up pretty well if I do say so myself. If you are a fan of metal I encourage you to see for yourself. At $1.50 for a full length cd you will never find a better deal than here.

It feeds off fear, our souls it's prey. Black eyes burn through the path it takes. Soft pulse...soft I too late? Project...protect...absorb...create. Lost within my own identity. Shadows converge shedding light beyond eternity. Shed that grin from your featureless face. This tongue now speaks your language. And what I now taste is bitter...lifeless blood. Tempting demise. Hollow in it's guise. It's appearance lies. Vindication arise. Ludic luster, transcend the flame. Consume, exile, sever the hate. Acrid blood flow exudes coarse veins. Confront...surpass...absorb...create.

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