Thursday, December 1, 2016


I lost a friend earlier this week who I met through the Japanese toy hobby. Even though I saw him maybe once or twice a year we always had great conversations and we also shared a great sense and use of sarcasm. Three of the top five things that get me through each and every day were part of both our, toys and friendship. The Buddha said that loss is always going to suck but fighting the feeling only makes you hold on to it longer. I'm going to miss our talks but have to let them go. The one thing I will hold on to is that PMA. Rest In Peace Robert...

The first vinyl Jizo-Anarcho edition is called Sapphire Memories and is dedicated to Robert. You can grab one in the webshop on December 5th for $30.00. Clear sapphire blue vinyl with gold, metallic blue, metallic green and light blue paints.

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