Wednesday, July 26, 2017


UPDATE: July 29th:
Hellopike's take on the Apalala. Half the run is on a pink vinyl base with metallic blue, purple, silver, gold and green sprays and a bit of black...white and tan too. The other half is on white vinyl and features an earth tone paint rub with swampy green, purple, yellow and blue tones complemented by hits of silver and brown. Both are stellar in their own way and this release will be sold "blind" meaning you won't know which version you get until you open the box. On sale in the webshop 08.05.17.

Hellopike's take on the Jizo-Anarcho. Metallic blue, purple and gold tones are complemented by a splash of red and a splatter of black. Some great vintage vibe happening with the sprayed colors in contrast to the contemporary paint splatter. On sale in the webshop 08.05.17.

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