Wednesday, November 2, 2016


It’s so awesome that some of the best parts of going to hxc shows and being in a band when I was younger have carried forward into new experiences and interests as an adult. The hxc, punk and metal scene of my youth was full of that DIY and teamwork spirit that made going to a show much more than just showing up and watching someone perform. Bands helped bands book shows, people shared information on where to print merch, a zine, records or cds and people bought each others stuff to become more informed and keep the community alive.

That same spirit has returned to me now as I have the great pleasure with working with a great new friend in making my own sofubi. There was a time when it looked like I was going to have to stop making toys in Japan because of a serious breakdown in communication and the process but some awesome friends stepped up and opened new doors and lines of communication to make working with HS possible. Even though there is a bit of a barrier in communication because of language at times, the hxc spirit lives and our shared passion for these toys makes it work. HARDCORE LIVES! Arigato Hirota!

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