Sunday, November 13, 2016


When I started collecting Japanese vinyl toys there was nothing that sucked me in more than Secret Base. The stories behind the characters blended with the safe yet horrific vibe of the sculpts was magic to me. I went all in the year of 2005 and haven't stopped collecting since. I met Brian and the guys at Super7 because of their relationship to Hiddy and Secret Base. Brian was able to make his own Secret Base fight toy head sculpt (The Ghostfighter) because of that same love and passion for Japanese vinyl toys and he has made a many fighters with Hiddy and Secret Base over the past 10+ years.

I'm so excited to be able to say I was finally able to help design a release of Secret Base and Super7's Ghostfighter! To have creative freedom on a fight toy that got me started in the Japanese sofubi game was truly and honor and I can't thank Brian (and Hiddy) enough. A while back (I believe at a comic con if my memory is correct) Brian and another collector friend of ours, Scott, were all talking toys. Scott and I said to Brian, "hey man...I think it's time we teamed up and did a release" and the rest is history. Scott used another one of his passion/side projects to base his interpretation of a Ghostfighter off of and I did the same. We chose some vinyl colors and mocked up the paint applications and voila...a few more months than we wanted passed but they are finally here and ready to join the ranks of the previous Ghostfighter releases.

So check out the pics below and if you are at DCON next weekend swing by the Super7 booth and grab a set. They come together bagged under one big headercard and you can see a preview of that below as well. In retrospect I wish we could have done a few bloody chase sets but beggars can't be choosers. Scott and I are super stoked on how these turned out and hope other Secret Base fans are as well. Its barksxwreck x DHP BOOM!

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